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What is Travelers for Open land?

Travelers for Open Land is a voluntary, creative initiative to fund Montana’s open land heritage.

The initiative began when members of the Montana hospitality industry decided it was time to give back. People visit Montana because they love Montana’s big sky and open land: our spectacular vistas, working ranches, wide open public and private lands, spaces to roam and to play. Business owners wanted to help conserve that landscape.

Launched in 2009, the initiative has expanded beyond travelers – it’s not just visitors who love and benefit from Montana’s open land. All Montanans benefit: our way of life, our outdoor heritage, and our economy all depend on open land. To honor this, we celebrate Montana Open Land Month. Join the fun this July!

Travelers for Open Land collects donations from all of us – travelers, residents, people who love Montana – and bundles these funds together to help conserve open lands, wildlife habitat, working farms and ranches, and places to play. Our grants help conserve Montana’s irreplaceable landscape for present and future generations. Learn more: Projects.