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Travelers for Open Land protects the very reasons Montanans live here and your guests and customers visit Montana≠≠≠- our open lands, spectacular scenery, abundant and diverse wildlife and incredible waters. The potential benefits of Travelers for Open Land to Montana and to your business are significant.

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Can anyone join the program?
Virtually any business in Montana can join this program. While the program started with lodging facilities, it quickly expanded due to interest from other tourism businesses.

What is the direct dollar cost to participate in this program?

How are participating businesses recognized?
The primary way participating businesses will be recognized and promoted is through the Travelers for Open Land website so travelers to Montana can support the participating businesses. The mapping system on this site allows travelers to find businesses near where they will be traveling in Montana as well as by the services the participating businesses offer. See the mapping system for more information. The program will also be recognized through public relations efforts for the program and a wide variety of land trust events and publications as well as on Facebook, the websites of the Montana Office of Tourism, the Montana Association of Land Trust (MALT), the twelve MALT organizations and the Montana Lodging and Hospitality Association.

How is the program communicated to my guests and customers?
In addition to online promotion of the program and public relations efforts, Travelers for Open Land will provide you with collateral materials so you can communicate the program at your place of business. Collateral material options include donation boxes, donation envelopes, key card holders for lodging properties and postcards for your guests and customers to send to their friends and families.

What do I need to do to be a member of Travelers for Open Land?
Itís simple. Complete the form here, determine which collateral materials work best for your business, ensure your employees understand how the program works and help Montana travelers protect this place.

How can I feature the Travelers for Open Land logo on my business's website?
There are two ways. You can either copy the following html code and paste it into the html code of your site where you want to feature the logo. This allows us to provide you with the most recent image design without you having to update the code on your web page or having to add an image file to your server. Or contact us and we can send you the logo. To link the logo to our website, use the following url: