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Landowner Testimonials

Landowners have worked with land trusts and public agencies to create voluntary conservation agreements from corner to corner of Big Sky Country. . . from the prairie potholes in northeast Montana to the Powder River area in the southeast corner of the state, and from the forested lands in northwest Montana near the Canadian border south to the Centennial Valley not far from Yellowstone National Park.

The strongest advocates for the work of land trusts are landowners who have an easement on their property. Here is a sampling of statements from Montana landowners who have worked with land trusts to place conservation easements on their properties:

"My grandfather was proud to have put this property together and he once said to me 'don't let go of this place. It's one of the most beautiful there is.' THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT A CONSERVATION EASEMENT SHOULD DO."
        - Pondera County landowner

"Here, it is the agricultural land that is in danger. If we want to keep our lifestyle and our heritage, if we want to keep the open lands that everyone enjoys, THEN WE HAVE TO STEP IN AND DO SOMETHING."
        - Bitterroot Valley landowner

"WE WANT TO KEEP THESE LANDS INTACT for ranching and allow the ranchers to expand their operations, while still retaining the important wildlife habitat."
        - Blackfoot Valley rancher