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How Do Social Escorts In Singapore Lead Their Lives?

In a country like Singapore where social escort work is seen as taboo, how do the local social escorts live and lead their lives? Let us find out!

First of all, we are talking about social escorts, not foreign prostitutes masquerading as escorts in Singapore.

When it comes to local female Singapore escorts, almost all of them have a day office job or are actually full time Diploma or University students. Unlike certain cities like London or Las Vegas, the chances of there being a full time escort is nearly nil. This means that if you have no experience, you may need to throw out all your previous preconceptions about how escorts lead their lives. In fact, most of them probably lead a more ‘normal’ life than many of your girl friends!

Not every girl who joins an agency becomes successful, as it vastly depends on the agency she joins. The legitimacy and success of the agency affects how long they will stay in operation, and in turn, results in the affecting of how many clients the escort girl can expect to see. It is also dependent on how hardworking she is, whether she is willing to go for every job as well as how attractive she looks.

However, for the successful social escort, these girls usually tend to make at least a few thousand dollars extra per month just from a few hours of work a week. This means that they will have a fair bit of disposable income now, as most of them are doing this on top of a day office or shift job. Therefore, they could in fact buy nice gifts for them on a monthly basis if they so wished to. However, while some of them do, most of them actually do not. They simply take the money and save for future, or very often use part of it to pay off their University or Diploma tuition fee loan. For those who do not splurge on material items, it is nearly impossible for you to detect which girls actually work as escorts, as most of them are far more discreet than you can ever imagine.

Many of them also lead pretty good but mundane lifestyles. While there may be that occasional avid clubber who goes to Singapore night clubs 3 times a week that moonlights as an escort, that is actually not the norm at all. In fact, most escorts are the highly educated, classy and pretty girls you never thought are escorts.

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