Dating In Singapore – Sports Related Date Ideas

Wondering where you can date in Singapore or what dating activity to do? Sports related date ideas can be a fun mix up to the usual kind of dinner, movie or even shopping dates. We are going to be talking about some sports related date ideas in Singapore! If you are even more adventurous, you can look for some unique off shore ideas here with your date.

The first idea would be to go ten pin bowling with your date! This is a safe suggestion which most people will agree to, even if you are not yet exactly close to them. Why is that so? That is because some girls are worried that they will look very unglam if they are perspiring and all, and if you asked them to join you in a sport activity which is too aggressive, they may refuse. However, when it comes to ten pin bowling, it can be a casual suggestion by you as well, when you walk past the bowling alley after a movie or a light meal. Here are some additional reasons why it is a good suggestion which your date will most likely accept too – the environment is air conditioned, you can interact and talk to each other easily still while playing, and you can even eat or drink while playing! This is a sport like no other which is most suitable for couples in Singapore looking for a sporty outing but still want to take a respite from SG’s harsh and hot weather.

The second sports related idea would be to go to our country’s first mini golf bar! Holey Moley, located at 3B River Valley Road Singapore 179024, is a bar which incorporates a mini golf arena within the bar area. It is a great place because it is all indoors and airconditioned, and you get to still play golf! There is no need to worry about the fluctuating weather in SG and you can simply make an appointment with your girl in advance. Additionally, if you want to, you can easily order some food or even drinks from the bar itself while you are playing your mini golf!

You can even check more about it below where TripZilla shares more about the place Holey Moley!

As you can tell, the theme of our suggestions is basically sports related ideas, as full on sports may be too much for some people, especially the ladies. Some ladies may not want to do that in SG, due to the harsh weather which may ruin their makeup, and many of them want their best impression when they are on a date with you! Therefore, the above ideas are safe and your partner should be accepting those suggestions when you pitch it to your girl!

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How To Find Legal Escort Girls In Singapore

With so much nonsense in the escorts industry in Singapore, here are some tips to help you find escort girls in Singapore legally for companionship. Additionally, after you have decided on them, here is some additional advice on how you can meet escorts discreetly in Singapore as most people still prefer to go about it discreetly in Singapore!

Make sure the escort agency has a business licence and registration number

Firstly, if you are looking for an agency, make sure that the agency has a business licence and registration number. These are details which are usually displayed on the about, team or a similar page on their website. If you are going through a Singapore escort agency, make sure that the company is a registered Pte Ltd company before engaging them, as there are more than a fair share of unregistered or illegal escort businesses in Singapore! If they get busted, you will go down. So make sure you engage a legally licenced SG escort company.

Make sure that their website is not soliciting any illegal services

Second of all, if you go and look at an agency website, please actually make sure that they are not soliciting prostitution services on their website. The reason for that is because it is illegal for agencies to solicit prostitution, and especially over the Internet. There is a double crime there, and it is a matter of time usually before they get shut down by the local authorities. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary drama or you appearing on the news for having engaged with illegal service providers, make sure that the agency you are engaging social escorts from are not actually selling sexual services online on their website.

Only look for local nationality escorts

Thirdly, if you are looking for a freelance call girl, try to look only for local nationality girls. The reason for this is because most of the foreigners are here in Singapore under tourist visa passes, which clearly does not allow them to work. Therefore, many of them are working here under false pretense and using random passes. Some of them even use faked student passes to work locally in SG as an escort because it pays better in SG. As long as you are looking for a local nationality lady if you are looking for a freelance girl, then you are relatively safer. This is because crime busting on foreigners working illegally in Singapore as escorts has happened multiple times before in the past, and you may very well bump into such an embarrassing situation if you happen to be with the model when the police arrives. Why bother with such troubles? Only engage local nationality girls – after all, they are hotter!


Is It Harder For Dating To Take Place In Singapore?

Many people argue that due to Singapore’s high cost of living and career focused population, it is harder for couples to date. However, we believe that the local kiasu culture in Singapore and perfectionism is also partly to blame for this dating phenomenon, as elaborated by this article.

For the purpose of this article, let us explore whether it truly is harder for dating in Singapore, or if all that mentioned is just an excuse by fellow Singaporeans!

First up, SG does have a high cost of living. That is absolutely true. While some argue that the standard of living is also high, that does not mean that cost of living is not high! If we are talking about long term relationships, then purchasing and living in a home is important – yet our country has one of the most expensive homes in the world regardless of which part of the country you actually stay at! If we are talking about short term dating, most men these days would prefer simply booking an escort while women will simply prefer going to the club or bars. So, cost of living definitely is a big part of the reason which makes dating in Singapore harder – though most will argue it is the case for most highly developed cities around the world. Therefore, it is partly also a worldwide phenomenon.

Second of all, many people are supposedly remaining single in Singapore, and many of them are always quoted to be focusing on their careers whenever we read those surveys on dating and population in general in SG. However, is that really true or skewed by other data as well? There is something important that we have to remember – Singapore’s population has been growing relatively quickly for the last two decades, and many of those singles are actually foreigners who migrated here and are now residing, living and working here. Therefore, keep in mind that these data could be skewing the percentages – for instance, even if the percentage of native Singaporeans who are single at a certain age group remained exactly the same over the last two decades, it will still seem like that percentage increased if we look at the surveys because it also takes into account new citizens and permanent residents who are single.

Thirdly, the local population is quite career focused – which is something that we believe is the result of the combination of the local competitive culture combined with the high costs of living. This has resulted in seemingly more and more guys and girls to focus on their careers in their 20s, until their mid 30s until they start taking dating seriously. However, if you really dig deep into worldwide statistics, you will again notice that getting married or getting into a long term love relationship at later ages is quite common in highly developed cities.

So while you could argue that Singapore’s population and environmental circumstances have made dating in the country significantly harder, if we were to take a step back and look at the world, this is actually a common phenomenon throughout big cities, and it is definitely not specific to SG!

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How Do You Book Singaporean Escort Girls In Singapore?

Something unique about Singapore, if you want to meet a Singaporean social escort in SG, is that while there are lots of listings online, only a few show genuine Singaporean escort girl listings. Most of the rest are of foreigners. For those of you reading this right now who really like real SG escort girls, and would like to hire a local nationality model in Singapore, then make sure to read on to avoid finding a foreigner posing as a SG girl instead!

Firstly, most local nationality Singapore escorts do not hang out on places like classified ads nor listings nor such random flea market like places. In fact, the biggest secret for a first time customer like you is that local ladies are really found at escort agencies. There are only a few large, legal and reputable ones in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts and whatnot, and these Singaporean girls are only found at such reputable local Singapore escort agencies. You will be hard pressed to find any Singaporean girls anywhere outside of agencies.

Secondly, while it can be very difficult to find local nationality SG girls outside of agencies, they do exist, albeit fewer than 2 to 3 only. They are basically independent freelance ladies who have their own website.

Thirdly, For freelance locals, if they do not have their own website, they are probably fake. There are lots of Filipinos and Thai girls pretending to be locals and charging a premium for themselves by cheating their customers like yourself. Do not be fooled. If they do not have their website, or they are not with an agency, they probably are not real.

Here are also some additional and extra notes that all first timer customers to SG need to know

  • If a lady shows you full facial photos on her website or her listing or via message, there is a 90 to 100% chance that the photograph is stolen and not of her, if she claims to be Singaporean. The reason for that is simple – the local girls are much more conservative, and thus do not want to share their face photos publicly. Therefore, if images are censored, you should be happy not sad. If images are fully exposed, you should be scared!
  • Sometimes a prior deposit is required for certain customers, especially those who have booked and cancelled before in the past or are first time customers. This is the same case for both independent SG ladies as well as SG agencies.
  • Most agencies or ladies just need to verify you once. Therefore, if you want fast service in Singapore, whatever details they ask from you, just kindly provide them and you would usually be given priority booking.