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How Do You Book Singaporean Escort Girls In Singapore?

Something unique about Singapore, if you want to meet a Singaporean social escort in SG, is that while there are lots of listings online, only a few show genuine Singaporean escort girl listings. Most of the rest are of foreigners. For those of you reading this right now who really like real SG escort girls, and would like to hire a local nationality model in Singapore, then make sure to read on to avoid finding a foreigner posing as a SG girl instead!

Firstly, most local nationality Singapore escorts do not hang out on places like classified ads nor listings nor such random flea market like places. In fact, the biggest secret for a first time customer like you is that local ladies are really found at escort agencies. There are only a few large, legal and reputable ones in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts and whatnot, and these Singaporean girls are only found at such reputable local Singapore escort agencies. You will be hard pressed to find any Singaporean girls anywhere outside of agencies.

Secondly, while it can be very difficult to find local nationality SG girls outside of agencies, they do exist, albeit fewer than 2 to 3 only. They are basically independent freelance ladies who have their own website.

Thirdly, For freelance locals, if they do not have their own website, they are probably fake. There are lots of Filipinos and Thai girls pretending to be locals and charging a premium for themselves by cheating their customers like yourself. Do not be fooled. If they do not have their website, or they are not with an agency, they probably are not real.

Here are also some additional and extra notes that all first timer customers to SG need to know

  • If a lady shows you full facial photos on her website or her listing or via message, there is a 90 to 100% chance that the photograph is stolen and not of her, if she claims to be Singaporean. The reason for that is simple – the local girls are much more conservative, and thus do not want to share their face photos publicly. Therefore, if images are censored, you should be happy not sad. If images are fully exposed, you should be scared!
  • Sometimes a prior deposit is required for certain customers, especially those who have booked and cancelled before in the past or are first time customers. This is the same case for both independent SG ladies as well as SG agencies.
  • Most agencies or ladies just need to verify you once. Therefore, if you want fast service in Singapore, whatever details they ask from you, just kindly provide them and you would usually be given priority booking.