Is It Harder For Dating To Take Place In Singapore?

Many people argue that due to Singapore’s high cost of living and career focused population, it is harder for couples to date. However, we believe that the local kiasu culture in Singapore and perfectionism is also partly to blame for this dating phenomenon, as elaborated by this article.

For the purpose of this article, let us explore whether it truly is harder for dating in Singapore, or if all that mentioned is just an excuse by fellow Singaporeans!

First up, SG does have a high cost of living. That is absolutely true. While some argue that the standard of living is also high, that does not mean that cost of living is not high! If we are talking about long term relationships, then purchasing and living in a home is important – yet our country has one of the most expensive homes in the world regardless of which part of the country you actually stay at! If we are talking about short term dating, most men these days would prefer simply booking an escort while women will simply prefer going to the club or bars. So, cost of living definitely is a big part of the reason which makes dating in Singapore harder – though most will argue it is the case for most highly developed cities around the world. Therefore, it is partly also a worldwide phenomenon.

Second of all, many people are supposedly remaining single in Singapore, and many of them are always quoted to be focusing on their careers whenever we read those surveys on dating and population in general in SG. However, is that really true or skewed by other data as well? There is something important that we have to remember – Singapore’s population has been growing relatively quickly for the last two decades, and many of those singles are actually foreigners who migrated here and are now residing, living and working here. Therefore, keep in mind that these data could be skewing the percentages – for instance, even if the percentage of native Singaporeans who are single at a certain age group remained exactly the same over the last two decades, it will still seem like that percentage increased if we look at the surveys because it also takes into account new citizens and permanent residents who are single.

Thirdly, the local population is quite career focused – which is something that we believe is the result of the combination of the local competitive culture combined with the high costs of living. This has resulted in seemingly more and more guys and girls to focus on their careers in their 20s, until their mid 30s until they start taking dating seriously. However, if you really dig deep into worldwide statistics, you will again notice that getting married or getting into a long term love relationship at later ages is quite common in highly developed cities.

So while you could argue that Singapore’s population and environmental circumstances have made dating in the country significantly harder, if we were to take a step back and look at the world, this is actually a common phenomenon throughout big cities, and it is definitely not specific to SG!