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How To Find Legal Escort Girls In Singapore

With so much nonsense in the escorts industry in Singapore, here are some tips to help you find escort girls in Singapore legally for companionship. Additionally, after you have decided on them, here is some additional advice on how you can meet escorts discreetly in Singapore as most people still prefer to go about it discreetly in Singapore!

Make sure the escort agency has a business licence and registration number

Firstly, if you are looking for an agency, make sure that the agency has a business licence and registration number. These are details which are usually displayed on the about, team or a similar page on their website. If you are going through a Singapore escort agency, make sure that the company is a registered Pte Ltd company before engaging them, as there are more than a fair share of unregistered or illegal escort businesses in Singapore! If they get busted, you will go down. So make sure you engage a legally licenced SG escort company.

Make sure that their website is not soliciting any illegal services

Second of all, if you go and look at an agency website, please actually make sure that they are not soliciting prostitution services on their website. The reason for that is because it is illegal for agencies to solicit prostitution, and especially over the Internet. There is a double crime there, and it is a matter of time usually before they get shut down by the local authorities. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary drama or you appearing on the news for having engaged with illegal service providers, make sure that the agency you are engaging social escorts from are not actually selling sexual services online on their website.

Only look for local nationality escorts

Thirdly, if you are looking for a freelance call girl, try to look only for local nationality girls. The reason for this is because most of the foreigners are here in Singapore under tourist visa passes, which clearly does not allow them to work. Therefore, many of them are working here under false pretense and using random passes. Some of them even use faked student passes to work locally in SG as an escort because it pays better in SG. As long as you are looking for a local nationality lady if you are looking for a freelance girl, then you are relatively safer. This is because crime busting on foreigners working illegally in Singapore as escorts has happened multiple times before in the past, and you may very well bump into such an embarrassing situation if you happen to be with the model when the police arrives. Why bother with such troubles? Only engage local nationality girls – after all, they are hotter!