Dating In Singapore – Sports Related Date Ideas

Wondering where you can date in Singapore or what dating activity to do? Sports related date ideas can be a fun mix up to the usual kind of dinner, movie or even shopping dates. We are going to be talking about some sports related date ideas in Singapore! If you are even more adventurous, you can look for some unique off shore ideas here with your date.

The first idea would be to go ten pin bowling with your date! This is a safe suggestion which most people will agree to, even if you are not yet exactly close to them. Why is that so? That is because some girls are worried that they will look very unglam if they are perspiring and all, and if you asked them to join you in a sport activity which is too aggressive, they may refuse. However, when it comes to ten pin bowling, it can be a casual suggestion by you as well, when you walk past the bowling alley after a movie or a light meal. Here are some additional reasons why it is a good suggestion which your date will most likely accept too – the environment is air conditioned, you can interact and talk to each other easily still while playing, and you can even eat or drink while playing! This is a sport like no other which is most suitable for couples in Singapore looking for a sporty outing but still want to take a respite from SG’s harsh and hot weather.

The second sports related idea would be to go to our country’s first mini golf bar! Holey Moley, located at 3B River Valley Road Singapore 179024, is a bar which incorporates a mini golf arena within the bar area. It is a great place because it is all indoors and airconditioned, and you get to still play golf! There is no need to worry about the fluctuating weather in SG and you can simply make an appointment with your girl in advance. Additionally, if you want to, you can easily order some food or even drinks from the bar itself while you are playing your mini golf!

You can even check more about it below where TripZilla shares more about the place Holey Moley!

As you can tell, the theme of our suggestions is basically sports related ideas, as full on sports may be too much for some people, especially the ladies. Some ladies may not want to do that in SG, due to the harsh weather which may ruin their makeup, and many of them want their best impression when they are on a date with you! Therefore, the above ideas are safe and your partner should be accepting those suggestions when you pitch it to your girl!