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Interview With SG VIP Escorts – The Largest Singapore Escort Agency

Perhaps you have read about SG VIP Escorts in the news before, such as their media feature on Yahoo! Singapore, AsiaOne and more. But today, we are proud to announce and we are really excited we finally managed to grab hold of their founder to do an exclusive interview on our website about their Singapore escort agency!

To make this lengthy interview more palatable for Internet viewers, we have broken it down into part interview format, and part curated content format.

For now, let us welcome Richard – founder of SG VIP Escorts.

Us: There has been lots of talk about things like rent a friend platforms, sugar dating platforms as well as social escorts like yours. So what exactly makes it different from the rest?

Richard: It is about serving different needs. To illustrate, the biggest difference between rent a friend and our escort services is that what they sell is a strictly platonic experience – for example girls who has already friend-zoned you.

Richard: On the other hand, we sell something completely different known as the girlfriend experience. Basically, with us, you are paying much more for the experience of a rental girlfriend who are experts at what they do and making you believe that they are your real girlfriend on demand whenever you want them. If you always wished to meet a flirty and completely smitten-with-you local girl in Singapore, with no strings attached, we are the perfect choice for you.

Us: How about the difference between female sugar babies and escorts then? Is there any difference?

Richard: With the former, you will need to come to arrangements, and contact these ladies yourself. Additionally, most of them will require or demand a monthly financial commitment from you, whether or not you are interested in meeting them consistently, or on ad hoc basis. However, if you prefer meeting the companion as and when you like, then social escorts like us are actually your only solution. We provide a no strings attached girlfriend experience.

Richard: At the end of the day, we really are just targeting different segments of the market in Singapore, though we have noticed that more and more people are understanding the differences now and those who want the true girlfriend experience are coming to us much more often now.

Us: Wow, so business must be really good!

Lipin, a fellow editor at Travelers For Openland then posed the next question, “What if I, or a prospective applicant wants to join, what is the biggest factor you look at?”

Richard: There is a big difference in being a rental friend versus a professional female escort and many people severely underestimate that.

Richard: As a rental friend, you are paid to be that person’s platonic friend. However, as a social escort, you are essentially being paid to pretend to be that man’s girlfriend. Therefore, even if you cannot stand the sight of the client, you will still need to be as though you are truly their girlfriend and flirt for the entire period that they engage your services for. It is way harder than working a job as a rental friend. In return, you will be highly paid for it.

Richard: Of course, we also only accept Singaporeans or permanent residents.

We then asked SG VIP Escorts if there is anything we want to note if we are interested in placing a booking for their services.

Richard: Yes, we publicly list all details of the names, profiles, prices and more on our website. We only have one official website, and that is You are strongly encouraged to look through it and decide and shortlist a few girls all of whom you are interested to meet, and then contact us today or on the same day you wish to make the booking for the escort girl.

Richard: If you are looking to meet only a particular girl, and not interested in recommendations, you are strongly encouraged to place a prior deposit for an advance booking.

When asked for the reason why advance booking is recommended in some cases, he replied it is because his social escorts are actually either full time tertiary students in Singapore schools, or are full time office ladies and not everyone is available at any given moment.

Us: We also noticed that your website is the only one in Singapore which recommends ONLY Singaporean girls. Is there a particular legal or business reason for that?

Richard: First of all, it is legal for us to only hire local citizens or permanent resident Singaporean ladies. Second of all, which is a business reason, I do think there is a strong allure about local Singaporean girls, which is unseen in any other girls, don’t you think so? Lots of men think they are just hotter or prettier. There is a hard to get vibe to them, that makes them attractive.

Lipin started blushing by my side at that point in time and I could literally see her ego explode next to me at this point of the interview. Thanks to Richard I had to deal with an overinflated ego Lipin (my editor) for the next week.

We actually had a final question for Richard, but we were unsure if he was going to reply it, so we left it for last. Nonetheless, our editor decided to just ask, as there was nothing to lose.

Us: If we book, got discount or not? Wahaha.

Richard: Prices are fixed, but we will provide the best recommendations for you or your readers! 😉